Interaction: video

The video for Maison Kitsune was the one that inspired me to think about the interaction between the reality and fantasy. When somebody says, interaction, the first thing that pops into my head is obviously the interaction between the art piece and the audience. But, here in these video, the actresses are 'interacting' with the imaginary surrounding that cannot be done outside of the screen. This kind of interaction helps making the outcome stand out because it involves so many aspects of media like the footage of the model and also the animation part. In Kenzo film, the animation really works together with the garment in terms of the style and pattern. The animation serves function as a compliment feature for the garment to shine. However, in terms of the production process, creating animation from real life footage is quite time consuming because the planning needs to be thorough in order to be able to direct the model. Once the footage is filmed, the animation needs to be edited on screen, which would take a lot of time to perfect the movement especially that I've never done it before. But this is just the idea of how to proceed the proposal I've written. I could even do still image instead of moving image and do illustration instead of animation.



Here is another type of interaction between reality and fantasy. Beyonce was able to give such ground breaking performance because of her interaction with the screen, which was very well-planned to match her movement and dance choreography in which it looks like the projected screen was real at some point. The kind of interaction really involves the movement of the person performing or posing. Although this seems like a time consuming and experience-needed project, the outcome would be worth the time because it's such a new way to be presenting the garment in action. Yet, the connection between the model and the background would only work if the timing is perfect. From this, I could be creating an animation film or stop-motion and projecting the finished film onto the model to interact with the film. As in Beyonce's performance, the animation was shown on the LED screen which was behind her. However, judging from the resource I have access too, I could only be using a digital projector projecting the film in the model's body or face. 



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